Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday, Parker!

This past Saturday we celebrated Parker's 2nd birthday!! Jenn did a great job of planning a great Elmo/Sports party! The kids and adults had a great time!

Party time!!
Ready to eat some pizza!

Marlee's first encounter with a slice of pizza-normally she just gets it in little bites!

Not too bad, until she swiped like every slice of pizza she could see!! (i didn't get pics of that)

Yummy Elmo cupcakes!!
All of the kids ready to sing "Happy Birthday"!

Parker and his daddy, Mike, blowing out his candle!

Marlee doesn't waste anytime digging in!

No hands!

Luke isn't wasting anytime either digging into his cupcake!

A kiss for the birthday boy!!

Luke-finished with his cupcake!

Courtney sat for the longest time watching all the kids make a mess with the cupcakes. I know she was thinking about how she was going to eat her cupcake and not make a mess!

Taking little tiny bites from the bottom!
Still no frosting anywhere!

Careful now...
After eating cupcakes and getting messy, time to get wet!
Playing in Parker's water table!
Courtney loves pouring water over Marlee's head!

And then poured some over hers!
Soaking wet, but having so much fun!

August randomness!

August sure was a long month, but that just means more time for fun! Courtney and Marlee continue to grow and learn new things everyday, which is so much fun to watch! They are both talking up a storm-Marlee is the more talkative one though, and into everything! They are also both down to taking just 1 long nap in the afternoon, which makes for a long morning for me, so I'm thinking of things to do with them, and places to go! Last week we went to storytime at Barnes and Noble! For the most part, they liked it, they sat still and quiet for about 10-15 min which is pretty good especially since the were eating goldfish! Today, I went to my first MOPS group meeting! I'm really excited about meeting some new moms, and it's great that I can take the girls and they can get some playtime with other kids and I can get some adult time too! I love watching the girls interact with each other! There are times in the mornings where I may be in another room and I just hear them laughing at each other, and it makes me laugh!! They are too cute and I love that they are getting to grow up together!

Hanging out in the big bar stool chairs, don't they look so big?

Serious faces

Silly faces (and hair)