Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wordless Wednesday



This past weekend was a "teaser". After so much cold (unusually cold) weather we've had this winter, Saturday and Sunday's temps made it into the 60s!! Of course, we totally took advantage of the beautiful weather and got Marlee to the park both days! She had a BLAST!! Saturday we met Courtney, Audrey, and James and then on Sunday, we went just the 3 of us! The weekend's weather has me so excited for this spring and summer-not only Brady's arrival, but seeing Marlee really get to enjoy playing outside!! Hopefully spring is right around the corner, because I'm more than ready for it to be here!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow day '10

Wow! So far in 2010 we've had 2 snow days! Yesterday's snow was by far the most snow we've had in many years! It was absolutely beautiful as it snowed Friday afternoon! By the time Marlee was up from her nap, there was 1-2 inches on the ground! She loved going out to see and play in the "no"!! She also loved watching the dogs run around in it too!!! I didn't get as many pictures as I would have liked to-my camera battery died on me! Oh well!! Enjoy these pictures!!


January in review

January has already come and gone and this is my first post for January! We had a major computer catastrophe right at the end of December and have just gotten our computer back to working conditions! Thank goodness!!
Not much new here in the Foster house. Marlee continues to impress us by the things she says! It's always something new everyday! She's also become very opinionated-letting us know EXACTLY what she wants and doesn't want. Oh, and if she doesn't want/like something, she will throw a mini temper tantrum on the floor, which we simply ignore!! Oh I can see the terrible twos coming already!!
We are also getting a little closer to Baby Brady's arrival! Right now I am 28 weeks and feeling really good! I will say that being pregnant now has been much more exhausting. There's nothing like chasing around a 21 month old that will cause you to count down the minutes till nap time!
To get ready for Brady's arrival, we have just had our basement "finished" off! We'll be able to put the office and a bunch of other items down there that are in the playroom; which is going to become Marlee's new room! Once we get everything relocated, Marlee will move rooms, and we'll be able to get Brady's room ready! Poor kid, his room will probably be ready the week before he arrives! Oh well!!
Here are some pictures from the last month!
Marlee loves to fingerpaint!! The first few times she fingerpainted, there wasn't much to clean up, but now, she makes sure paint gets everywhere!!!
Big smile for the camera!!
Playing "paydough"!
Gotta love Parker!!
Marlee getting to hold "Baby taden" (Kaden) for the first time! She loved holding him, but was a little more interested in watching Elmo too!
Time to fingerpaint with Courtney