Saturday, June 20, 2009

Big helper

It's amazing how much Marlee likes to imitate now! A few months ago, she was afraid of the vaccum cleaner, and whenever I took it out while she was around, she would cry and cling to me and I would end up holding her while vaccuming~talk about a good workout! Then one day, Kendall was vaccuming and she was interested in what he was doing and wanted to go and help him! Since then she has also discovered the small little vaccum that I use to get crumbs off the floor in the kitchen, and whenever I have it out, she always comes over and wants to hold it and she "vaccums" the floor like mommy! What a big helper! Hmmm~I wonder if I could get her to do the dishes??!

Water Baby!

Summer time (its really summer here in HOTlanta) means pool time! I love going to the pool in the summer, and not having a pool in our neighborhood is kind of a bummer, but we are thankful for friends who invite us over~plus we love hanging out with friends! This summer I knew would be different from last summer. This time last summer, Marlee was still very little (about 3 months) and too small to get in the pool. By the end of the summer, we had 2 or 3 pool visits and she wasn't too interested. Well, it has been completely opposite so far! She loves the pool! Her favorite part about going "swimming" is "jumping" in~which really is more of like falling in. Of course I'm right there to catch her! I'm really glad that she loves being in the water so much and isn't afraid of it. We are looking forward to many more pool trips with friends this summer!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Braves Baseball

Great view from our seats!!
Hanging out with mommy and daddy!

Checking out the game... "GO BRAVES!!"
Clapping for a great play!

Marlee found her souviner!
"I LOVE my Braves bear!!"
Just got done running the bases with daddy...
time to play in the dirt...
who needs baseball when there's dirt to play with?

Time for a water break

Today we took Marlee to her 2nd Braves game! Her first one was last summer-she was only a little over 2 months old! Today's game was an afternoon one, and if you've ever been to an afternoon game-you'll know what I'm talking about when I say it was HOT! Ever since my experience of working at the Braves Stadium a few summers ago, I try to avoid day games as much as possible because of the extreme heat and excessive sweating (I mean glowing)! Kendall's dad got tickets from work, so I agreed to go since I knew that the seats were really good (18 rows from homeplate)! When we got there, it was already in the 4th innning (I love 1 hit games)! We enjoyed our seats for the next few innings~Marlee loved it! She sat on Kendall's lap just taking everything in! Whenever people would clap or cheer, she would clap right along with them! By the time the next 2 or 3 innings had finished, we were ready to find some air conditioning, so off to the Braves souviner store we went! Marlee got a cute Braves cap and a really soft teddy bear that she was carrying around the store! Daddy couldn't resist getting that for her! After that, we took her up to Sky Field where they have a basepath that kids can run on. Kendall and Marlee "ran" down it together. Too Cute! Marlee also enjoyed just sitting and playing in the dirt! We finished watching the game in the 755 club-where the seats were just outside the airconditioning and in the shade. Once the bottom of the 9th rolled around, we decided to go ahead and leave-and it was a good thing that we did, because by the time we got to our car, it poured rain! A great way to end such a HOT day! I'm sure there will be a few more Braves games for us this season-hopefully night games!!


It's been a while since I've actually "updated" the blog! We have been enjoying our summer so far! Marlee continues to grow each day-"wowing" us with something new! She talks up a storm-her favorite words are: "Hi", "Bu-Bye", "Abbey" (our friend's dog), "dog", "kitty", "duck", "bubble bath", and "bubble" are just some of the words that she's saying! She is always trying to repeat words to us which is really cool!! Of course we think she's so advanced with all of the words she says and everything else she does, but I guess we're a little partial! :-)

On another note-Kendall has a new job for next school year! He is going to be the Assistant Administrator at Dowell Elementary! Basically-he's like "Dwight" from The Office (Assistant to the Regional Manager). 3rd in command! We are so excited for him and the opportunity that this position hold for him!