Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Memorial Day weekend in Huntsville

The last few years we've gone to Huntsville to visit my parents over Memorial Day weekend! It's fun to go with James, Audrey, and Courtney, and now Brady too!! Next year there will be 4 grandkids running around! Speaking of running, there's a 10k race that we've run in the past, and are planning on running next year! We always have a good time and this time was no different! The girls got to ride the carousel and play in the fountain at their outdoor mall! Fun times! Can't wait for next year!

Summer Fun!

Just a few random pictures from the last few weeks!! We've had a fun summer so far getting together with friends to play or swim!!! Can't wait for the rest of the summer!!


One Month Old!

One month old-already! Wow!! I can't even tell you where this last month has gone. We are getting adjusted to life with two kids-it's busier, but we wouldn't trade it for anything! Brady is getting sweeter by the day! He is more alert and awake during the day and is a little more predictable as far as his schudule goes. He eats every 2 hrs during the day and about every 3-4 during the night (up 2x at night). Not too bad! Marlee loves her her little brother. Every morning she asks to "See Brady". When I take her in to see Brady, she says "Awww, sooo sweet" or "so nice", and pets his head! It really is sweet!! She also loves to give him sweet kisses!

Brady has given us a few smiles (we have yet to catch one on camera) and is also cooing and starting to "talk" to us!! Looking forward to seeing more baby milestones in the upcoming days/weeks!!