Wednesday, December 16, 2009

"No, No Santa!"

Well, as you can see, this year's visit to Santa was almost a carbon copy of last year's!

This year, instead of going to the mall, we went to The Avenue @ West Cobb! It was fantastic! The line was only about 5 min, it was inside (we thought Santa may have been outside that's why we dressed Marlee in non-Christmas clothes-we opted for warmth rather than style) and best of all, it was FREE!!!! Marlee was fine up until it was her turn and as soon as Kendall started walking her towards Santa she started crying. Now there were several kids infront of us who did great, and after her, we didn't hear any other kids crying!! Oh well, maybe next year!! After Santa, we met Jenn, Mike, and Parker and watched Parker feel the same way towards Santa-displeasure! Then we went outside to take a little carriage ride! It was great! While we were waiting in the cold, Marlee and Parker were so cute playing together and they even decided to have a seat, right there on the concrete!! Too cute!!!

Burr! It was a cold night waiting for the carraige ride!!

They just decided to have a seat right there on the concrete!!

And then right in front of my favorite sign-a sale sign!Marlee thinks Parker is too funny!
On the carraige ride!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Catching Up...

Well it's been over a month since the last post. I didn't realize that being pregnant and chasing after a 19 month old would take up so much time-actually that's just my excuse for being really lazy the last month!! Anyways, with that said, Thanksgiving came and went. We had a great Thanksgiving week-starting off with a weekend visit to my parents' house and then spending Thanksgiving day with Kendall's family. Now that Christmas is coming up we're staying busy shopping, keeping warm, and enjoying the season! Not only are we excited to celebrate our second Christmas as a family of 3, but we're also excited to find out what baby #2 is! Our appointment is Dec. 23rd and that is when we will find out the gender-well, we won't actually find out! Kendall and I agreed that we're going to have the ultrasound tech put the baby's gender in an envelope and we are going to wait until Christmas morning to open it! What a great Christmas present! All of our family will get to find out on Christmas morning too!!!
Here are some pictures taken over the month of November. Hopefull this next month I'll be better about posting!! Merry Christmas!