Wednesday, March 25, 2009

11 1/2 months old!

Sorry it's taken so long to update-we've been really busy in the Foster house over the last few weeks! Marlee and I went to visit my parents in Huntsville for a few days with James, Audrey, and Courtney! Kendall had to stay home and work. We had a great time, andI know my parents enjoyed seeing both of the girls especially now that both are walking and "into" so much more! After our visit to Huntsville, my mom ended up coming back here to visit for a few days since my dad was on a business trip to California. Again, we had a great time having her hang out with us for a few days!

Besides that, Marlee has kept us busy! She's walking EVERYWHERE and into EVERYTHING! She loves to open up cabinets and discover what's inside. She is also "talking" a lot and even understands some things that we say to her! Amazing! Marlee is also going through the "clingy" stage-just wants to be with mommy all the time! Gotta love that!

Yesterday (27th) Marlee went to Sailer Pendley's 1st birthday party and had so much fun! Marlee loved seeing all of the little kids and especially loved all of the balloons! It made me really excited about her upcoming birthday in a few weeks!

Here are some pictures from the last few weeks! Enjoy!

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Swing Time!

We have had a few really beautiful warm days! Spring time must just be right around the corner! Since Courtney will be over 3 days this week, I thought it would be a great time to take the girls to the park to get some fresh air, change of scenery, and some swing time!!
The girls and I met my good friend Shawna and her little boy Luke at Swift-Cantrell Park after lunch! After walking a few laps around the park, Shawna and I decided to take the babies to the playground! Surprisingly, the swings were available, so I put the girls in for a little bit! Marlee and Courtney also enjoyed playing on some of the other playground equipment! It was a fun afternoon and I hope to take them back often!

Walking Around!

Yes, it's true...Marlee is officially a walker! Although she has been taking steps for a little over a month now, her walking has really taken off in the last 2 1/2 weeks! She is now walking all over the house! I just love watching her little legs move! While she still crawls some, I know she is happy to be walking so she can chase Courtney around the house! Marlee is a really good walker as she is able to hold things and walk at the same time-she loves to carry around her blankie, juice cups, and whatever else she's interested in at the moment!
By the is really hard to take pictures of Marlee walking! She's so fast!
Yes-this is a picture of Marlee holding Kendall's boxers-thank goodness they were clean!!