Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Go Dawgs!

Marlee loves to show her team spirit by wearing her Georgia Bulldogs cheerleader outfit! Go Dawgs!

Eatin' more veggies than daddy!

Marlee has started to eat green beans recently and loves them! Marlee is already a better veggie eater than daddy!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Yummy Toes!

Marlee has become so flexible in recent days! Today, she discovered that she can put her foot in her mouth! Good thing she had just taken a bath and had clean feet!

A New Napping Place

Marlee loves jumping in her jumperoo! She loves it so much that she has fallen asleep a few times in it while jumping!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Back in the game

Kendall and Marlee

The best cheerleaders-Courtney and Marlee

Mommy and Marlee

Cheering for mommy is exhausting!

Cousin Courtney's balancing act!

Today was mine and Audrey's first soccer game since the babies were born. It has been over a year since we've played! It was really fun to get back out on the field and play. The weather was hot and I was very thankful for the waterbreaks the refs gave us and for our 5 subs (a recocrd number for our team!). The best part about the game (besides winning 4-0) was having our favorite cheerleaders out to watch us-Marlee and Courtney! The girls showed their support for the team by wearing FFC onesies! James and Kendall did great entertaining the babies so their mommies could play. They even were assigned a job at the end of the game-to pick up the cornor flags and make sure all of the soccer balls were accounted for! I'm looking forward to a fun soccer season and getting back into shape! Go FFC!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Vacations, Friends, and More....

Yeah! Charter graduated from Kennesaw State last spring ('07), so it was fun to celebrate with him and our good friends Todd and Shawna Plunkert and Nate and Alissa Benzin!

July 2007: Last summer, Kendall and I went to Hilton Head, South Carolina with our good friends Nate and Alissa!

June-2006: One of the wedding gifts we recieved was two tickets to a Boston Red Sox game in Boston! What a great excuse to visit! This was our first adventure, and we had a great time! Unfortunatley, we never did see the Red Sox game. It got rained out and rescheduled for the next day, and we were scheduled to fly out that morning! Oh well! I guess we'll have to visit Boston again sometime!

A peek into our past

Our wedding day was perfect! Kendall and I got married on November 19, 2005. We were surrounded by friends, family, and a whole bunch of our students! The day was fun and went by so fast! We can't believe that we have been married for almost 3 years!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A New Adventure

Well, I've finally decided to enter the world of blogging. Since I have enjoyed reading so many other people's blogs, I decided to start one up too! My goal is to update it at least once a week, so we'll see how that goes! I hope that you enjoy reading and seeing into our lives!