Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas 09 recap

It was another terrific Christmas in the Foster household! The week leading up to Christmas was busy, of course, but all the presents made it under the tree, wrapped!
Christmas Eve was a busy day for us-just like last year! It started with lunch at the "Greats" house (Kendall's grandparents)-yummy spaghetti! Then it was home for what we hoped was an afternoon nap for Marlee (it ended up being a nap in the car on the way home), then it was off to church for Christmas Eve service! Afterwards, we headed to the Riese's house for yummy pizza and goodies! It was fun to see Parker and Marlee get into opening presents this year. Last year, they were more into crawling all over the boxes! We also got to hang out with their neighbors Rick, Lorelei,and Terry! To end the night, we stopped off at James and Audrey's house to see my parents who had just driven in from Huntsville! Needless to say, Marlee finally fell asleep that night at around 10ish!
Once we got home, Kendall and I had some gift wrapping to finish up-not to mention open up an envelope and put together the baby's gender gift for all of our families! I think we both went to bed at 1!
Christmas morning was so much fun this year! We both went in to get Marlee (who had convientely woken up at 7am) so she could open her gifts! She loved ripping the paper and checking out all of her gifts! After she opened all of her gifts, she tried to open other people's gifts, so we had to stop her!!!
Not long after we opened up gifts at our house, we headed to Kendall's parents house to open gifts with his family! We had a blast and I think Marlee did too, but by then I think she was getting a little overwhelmed by all of the presents! Once we finished there, we headed over to James and Audrey's to open gifts with them and my parents! Again, more fun!
We finally made it home with a trunk-full of gifts around lunch time and by then we were all exhausted! I think we all napped that afternoon before James, Audrey, Courtney, my parents, and Kendall's parents came over for dinner and some hang out time!!
It was a great day we had together as a family and with all of our extended family! I'm already looking forward to next year as a family of 4!!

Coloring with Charter and Leigh!

Christmas Eve with Parker! Playing with a new tea set!


Preggo friends! Me-20 weeks, Jenn-36 weeks!

Lorelei, me, and Jenn

Christmas morning!

Good Morning, Marlee!

Loves her new baby doll!

Taking her baby for a stroll!

More gifts!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

It's a BOY!!!!

Kendall and I opened up the best Christmas present on Christmas Eve! It was the envelope saying that Baby Foster is a BOY!!! We are so excited that Marlee is going to have a little brother in a few months! He already has a name: Brady Edward. We are praying that each day he is growning strong and developing and that he will be a healthy baby when he arrives in a few months!